We support the “Twister Twins”

“If you are successful, you should share your success.” This is why we support the “Twister Twins’” volunteer work for the children’s hospice in Stuttgart.

We recently started to financially support the entertainers, “Twister Twins”, from the Stuttgart region. Alex and Theo Twister make little and big kids at the children’s hospice in Stuttgart happy with their show and give them a few hours of levity. This allows the kids to just unplug and think about something else besides their disease. The show consists of balloon animals, clowns, magic, workshops and much more. The two experienced artists work on a volunteer basis.

Theo has been a therapeutic clown, an adventure and experiential educator, a humor coach and a social mediator for 18 years. Alex is a skilled balloon artist that can create figures from several balloons in seconds. Alex says: “Sometimes just a short moment is enough to make every face smile”.

We are happy to keep supporting the children’s hospice and the two artists in their mission.

For more information visit: https://www.twistertwins.de

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