Thomas Gebhardt as Keynote-Speaker at the German-Turkish-Institution for Work and Education e.V.

Thomas Gebhardt als Keynote-Speaker beim Deutsch-Türkischen Institut für Arbeit und Bildung.

Spectrums’ CEO Mr. Thomas Gebhardt was invited as a keynote-speaker on July 25th,2019 at the annual general meeting of the German-Turkish-Institution for Work and Education e.V. in Mannheim.

The DTI is mainly committed into the encounter and understanding of people with a Turkish background who are currently living in Germany.

Thomas Gebhardt first explained in his keynote speech on “Digitalent” how and how fast the digital world is changing. The discussion to the question: ‘Will a robot take over your job?’ was especially interesting. Digitization is of course on one hand a job killer, but on the other hand it offers at least equal opportunities to create new job profiles.
For this reason, the personal development and the advancement of young talents are currently really important. At the end, Thomas Gebhardt explained what new skills the future employee will need and how to archive certain qualifications.

We want to sincerely thank the DTI for their hospitality and are looking forward to another valuable exchange of knowledge.

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