++NEW++ SPECTRUM career program for non-graduates

Jetzt durchstarten mit dem neuen Rookieprogramm der SPECTRUM AG.

Offer extended! From now on there will be two versions of our career programs for new talents:

  1. Trainee program for graduates
  2. Rookie program for university drop outs and those who have never attended

Up until now our career program was only geared towards young professionals who graduated from university. Now we also want to provide an opportunity for drop outs and those that never went to college because we believe in the talent in all of us. One just has to recognize and support it.

With our brand new Rookie program, we accompany and support those who have the German “Abitur” or a completed apprenticeship. We then make sure they gain the abilities necessary for the work experience.

For more information go here. To get to our job portal click here.

We are looking forward to numerous applications.

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