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Zusammengeschobene Deutschlandfahne

Even though the British wanted to rank German products as inferior, the title “Made in Germany” does not stand for low quality products. It is actually one of the best global quality labels. Germany does not only produce quality products, but is also champion of innovation.

Study of the World Economic Forum

A study of the World Economic Forum revealed that in 2018, Germany is the most innovative country in the world. The USA are number two. The World Economic Forum assessed new ideas from development to marketing, reviewing licensed patents, scientific publications and client satisfaction. Innovation capability is only one of 12 points that were used to assess the competitiveness of countries. Other criteria included strength of the financial system, Infrastructure, education and the health care system. In the overall ranking, Germany is number three.

Innovation through research

According to a study of the OECD and the Center of European Economic Research, Germany has been one of the top five research nations since 2015. Germany is also one of the best when it comes to global megatrends, which the OECD classifies as follows: Digital economy and society, innovative work, healthy living, intelligent mobility and security of the civilian population. The OECD especially views the collaboration of private and public research as positive. Dirk Pilat, the Vice president of OECD for economy, technology and innovation says that Germany has improved in all fields. This is how education, science and research help strengthen the competitiveness of Germany and keep jobs in place.

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