Fundraiser event for the Children and Youth Hospice Stuttgart

Bubble Soccer Charity Event für das Kinderhospiz Stuttgart.

On the 30th of June, we were invited to be part of the 4th annual Charity Bubble Soccer Tournament – A fundraiser event which is held in favor of the Children and Youth Hospice in Stuttgart.
For the tournament, we put our heads into transparent, overheated, gigantic torus bubbles and played soccer like there was no tomorrow. We weren’t bothered by the 38 °C/100,4 °F outside, because we did all this for a good cause.

With our participation, the buying of many tombola tickets and the huge amount of food and drink consumption we were able to support the charity to achieve their fundraising goal. The whole revenue was than donated to the hospice in order to make the time spend there for the children and their families as comfortable as possible.

We want to thank the Round Table Club 164 Stuttgart-Solitude for organizing the whole event.

Thanks to numerous donations we were able to raise 5,555.55 €.

We are looking forward to next year (28.06.2020) – hopefully with a few less degrees outside.

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