Event: SPECTRUM Barcamp – Share it! Together we know more.

This was the Motto of the intern event of SPECTRUM AG that took place on June 18th at the Business Club Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart. Almost all of the participants were employees and scholarship holders.

The organization team did a great job.

For months they prepared for a little known type of event: “Barcamp”. A Barcamp is a type of conference without an agenda. The focus is on personal communication and finding ideas. No matter if there were unfinished thoughts, imprecise questions, or finished solutions, everything could be openly communicated.

After the greeting and a short introduction into the Barcamp, the roughly 130 participants attended 45-minute sessions that included speeches, workshops, and discussions throughout the day. They could choose their personal preferences. The sessions were solely about private or professional topics, offered by the participants themselves. Topics included Power Point-Karaoke, User Experience Design, Celiac Disease, Twitter, Hackathons, Healthy Work, Work-life Balance, Project Management, Digitalization, Influencing and many more.

In between the sessions, snacks and fresh fruit were offered. For lunch, we were spoiled with all kinds of freshly prepared dishes right from the kitchen. In the evening, the Business Club team served culinary awesomeness from the grill.

The feedback for the SPECTRUM Barcamp was overwhelmingly positive. Informative speeches created an active exchange of knowledge. The personal meet-and-greet created networking opportunities with colleagues from all over Germany.  All in all, we were able to contribute to a great team-building experience.

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