Employees learn from the CEO – SPECTRUM’s Further Education Program: EveningCamp

SPECTRUM employee watches EveningCamp through livestream

For a few weeks now, we have been offering all SPECTRUM employees the opportunity to attend an evening seminar with our CEO Thomas Gebhardt in Stuttgart or via livestreaming.

Every three weeks he gives lectures on a variety of topics. These topics also provide valuable insights away from the professional life. For example, he answers questions such as

  • “How do I handle my money?”
  • “How do I build up wealth?”
  • “How do I properly prepare for my retirement plan, when I´m still young?”
  • “How do I buy a real estate?”
  • “What insurances are important to have?”

… because especially at a young age it is important to manage earned money wisely.
With these important inputs, everyone is already looking forward to knowing about what topics are awaiting us after completing the current series “How to get rich”.

Our CEO launched the EveningCamp not only to support young people as a talent developer on their professional path, but also to give them outside of the qualification programs assistance for a secure future.
The SPECTRUM EveningCamp offers everyone a great opportunity to participate in a lively exchange of knowledge and helps broaden their horizons.

The program was, after only three sessions, already very well received and we are therefore looking forward to many more Monday evenings together.

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