Dual bachelor program with SPECTRUM

We recently became an official partner with the DHBW in Mannheim and are now able to offer motivated individuals the opportunity to enroll in an economic computer science training program.

The program includes both vocational and educational training and is accredited by a bachelor’s degree at the end of the program.

Now, not only we are able to support recent graduates finding their path into a successful career, but also are able to support, and mentor driven individuals throughout acquiring their bachelor’s degree.

Even though this is our first dual bachelor program, we are confident in our success because of our extensive 30+ years expertise in helping young talents broaden their knowledge and experience, which gave us the unique opportunity to help shape the talents of tomorrow. We are already looking forward to helping talented individuals maximize their full potential.

The opportunity to work in cooperation with the DHBW Mannheim is something we are proud to announce. Together we aim to support young people achieving their goals.

Stay tuned as further information will follow shortly!

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