Discussion on the Topic of Good Teaching: Yes, it’s #Humboldt

We visited the Technical University Stuttgart to present our opinion regarding the quality of today’s teaching. An additional discussion participant: Economic Minister Theresia Bauer.

On June 21st, 2018 the last event, “Good Teaching” in the series “Yes, it’s #Humboldt” took place at the Technical University Stuttgart. It was organized by the University of Stuttgart and the State Academy of Fine Arts. The series of events took place at seven universities. Economic Minister Theresia Bauer discussed with students, professors and representatives of the economy about topics about education and apprenticeship.

Our chairman, Thomas Gebhardt, represented the topic of economy in the discussion. Gebhardt reinforced the education at universities and pointed out that, in his opinion, the graduates lack in soft skills.

Economic Minister Bauer stated that good teaching creates a passion for new things, encourages being proactive, and to take responsibility.

We thank the event organizers for the invitation to this exciting discussion.

Copyright Photos: fotografie@uliregenscheit.de

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