In favor of the “Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Stuttgart” and the “Sonnenstrahlen” the long awaited Bubble Soccer Tournament finally took place again on June 26th 2022 in Stuttgart on the Waldau. After the event could not take place due to the conditions in the last two years, it was time to collect donations again.

Although it was about 10 °C less than when we participated in 2019, the game demanded all the strength from both the sunscreen and the SPECTRUM team. Despite player absence, we fought until the last minute and finally got the 7th place in the penalty duel.

But since it was all about the good cause besides the fun, we invested diligently in cool drinks, coffee, cake, delicious burritos and numerous raffle tickets in between the pushing around, pushing away, running around – in short “bumping”. The entire proceeds of the Charity Bubble Soccer Tournament 2022 were donated 50% each to the “Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Stuttgart” (for seriously ill children and adolescents with their relatives) and the “Förderverein Sonnenstrahlen e.V.” (for children/adolescents of cancer-stricken/seriously ill parents).

A huge thank you to the organizer “Round Table 164 Stuttgart-Solitude” that we were allowed to be a guest. Thank you for the great organization and the beautiful day, and hopefully see you next year!

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