B2Run Company Run in Stuttgart. We did it!

The first suggestion of taking part at a company rund didn’t result in an enthusiastical cheer from our colleagues. However, after the run everything changed.

At 6th of July, the motto was “Runs different” for both SPECTRUM employees who were willing and unwilling to do sport. Shortely before seven in the afternoon and at over 30° in the blazing sun, the first half of our team went to the starting line. The second half took the pursuit at quarter past seven.
On the route of 5,6 km we definitely weren’t getting bored considering a brass band, a drizzle shower, a DJ truck, a not as refreshing beverage station as expected, a presenter and a cheerful group of drummers.
No matter if professional runner or fun runner, everybody had fun and all our SPECTRUMists reached the finish line in under one hour – our two fastest even in 24 minutes.
Next year we will certainly participate again! Hopefully with at least twice as many colleagues as this year.

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