7th German-Turkish Economic Encounters Digital Change

Teilnehmer Deutsch-Türkische Wirtschaftsbegegnungen

The economy in dialogue: Our Executive Board member Thomas Gebhardt’s lecture “Digitalents” contributed to the education about digitization and its effects. The conclusion was: Companies must invest in digital talent!

On the 13th of November 2019, our Executive Board member Thomas Gebhardt and our Head of Academy and Training Ralf Blasek took part in the 7th German-Turkish Business Meeting at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Mannheim. The event took place under the patronage of Dr. Peter Kurz, Lord Mayor of Mannheim, and Mrs. Banu Terzioğlu, Consul General of Turkey in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Thomas Gebhardt at the 7th German-Turkish Encounters

The topic of the evening was digitization and the resulting changes in our economy and society. Digital technologies increasingly connect us with each other – whether it’s with other companies, end customers or in the private sector. They are currently the most important growth drivers for all industries. Market structures are changing and data is increasingly important. We encounter the buzzwords industry 4.0 and economy 4.0 on a daily basis.

But what does all this mean? In order to remain competitive, companies must first understand the challenges of digitization. Before that, it is impossible to think about confronting them. This evening was organised to support companies facing these challenges. Expert lectures and the mutual exchange made the numerous topics tangible.

So too was the problem of changing our working environment. The search for qualified specialists is a huge challenge. Some of our current professional roles will no longer exist in the future. “But every human being has talent!”. Only those who have understood the importance of recognising and supporting talented people, will be successfull in shaping the digital future.

We thank the organizers of the event for the invitation and the opportunity to share our expert knowledge with others.

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